Cookie Policy

1. General

This cookie policy relates to the InmoLink platform. This means,,,, and all apps of InmoLink.

InmoLink and InmolinkCRM are trading names of TravelLinkPro OÜ, a European company registered in Estonia., Sepapaja tn 6, 15551 Tallinn. - Company Registration: 16237750. - VAT No.: EE102393372. In the rest of this document we use our shortened and better known name: InmoLink.

We find it important that you know what cookies we use and for what purposes we do this. Below you can read more about the types of cookies we use, who places them, why they are used and how long the cookies are stored.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small information files that can be placed on your device (such as your computer, tablet or phone) when you visit web pages, such as The main function of cookies is to store limited data from visitors. When we talk about cookies in this cookie policy, we also mean similar techniques such as web beacons, Flash cookies and device fingerprinting.

3. Why and what cookies do we use?

Cookies help us to keep the InmoLink platform safe, fast and optimally available. Thanks to cookies we can also offer you useful functionalities such as saving your most recent search query, automatically filling in data and remembering that you are logged in. This makes the use of InmoLink more pleasant, easier and more personal. We also use cookies to provide you with customized advertising - tailored to your personal preferences.

Some of the cookies we use on the InmoLink platform also collect personal data. In our Privacy Policy , we have described how we deal with these personal details.

In our cookie policy, we distinguish between different types of cookies: functional, analytical, personalization and advertising cookies. For each category we indicate below what type of cookies fall under and for what reason they are placed on your device(s).

4. Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of InmoLink. Functional cookies are, for example:

  • cookies that are related to the user functionality of our platform, such as for logging in, to be able to checkout something or to save your last search;
  • no-follow cookies, which tell us which other types of cookies we can place on your device with your permission, and which we cannot;
  • load-balancing cookies, which distribute traffic across our servers;
    Cookies that allow us to recognize and block unwanted traffic on InmoLink.

Various features in the InmoLink platform are aimed at making it as easy as possible for you as a user and also at saving your personal preferences. For example, we store your last used search query in cookies, so that the next time you visit our site you can return directly to that search query from the homepage.

For a further description of all functional cookies, see the cookie list, which is available from the preferences menu. A button to the preferences menu is available under section 10 of this cookie policy.

5. Analytical cookies

These cookies give us information about the quality and effectiveness of the services we provide. We distinguish between:

  • Analytical cookies that measure the quality and effectiveness of the InmoLink platform;
  • A/B-testing cookies that allow us to test different interface scenarios;
  • site and performance monitoring cookies, which allow us to guarantee the stability of InmoLink.

In order to determine which parts of the InmoLink platform are most interesting to our visitors, we try to continuously measure how many visitors come to our platform, which parts are viewed most frequently and how fast the pages load, using tools such as Google Analytics - which we set up in a way that is as privacy-friendly as possible, by the way. We then create statistics from all this information we collect. These give us insight into how the InmoLink platform is used, how we can keep the platform stable and what improvements we should make to optimize our services.

For a further description of all analytical cookies, see the cookie list, which is available via the preferences menu. A button to the preferences menu is available under section 10 of this cookie policy.

6. Personalization cookies

We use cookies to build your user profile so that we can provide you with relevant information and personalize your user experience. The content of advertisements can also be personalized if you also allow advertising cookies (go to 'advertising cookies' for more information). This is done based on, among other things, your behavior on the InmoLink platform across the different devices you use. You have to give permission for these cookies to be placed.

7. Advertising cookies

These cookies are used by us and by third parties with whom we work (hereinafter: InmoLink partners). Based on your internet behaviour inside and outside the InmoLink platform and on the different devices you use, a user profile is built up. This allows ads to be tailored to you personally, both on our platform and by third parties. These cookies are used, for example:

  • To keep track of which advertisements you have already seen;
  • To keep track of how many visitors see the advertisement as a whole, click on it or place an order after clicking on it;
  • To build a personal profile and to be able to offer you relevant ads on the InmoLink platform or other platforms based on your personal interests.

In some cases, advertising networks and media agencies act as intermediaries between us and the companies that place ads on InmoLink. Through these intermediaries, advertisers can automatically bid for ad space. Due to the use of these advertising techniques, we do not always have timely insight into the parties who advertise and the cookies they place through the InmoLink platform.

For a further description of the advertising cookies, see the cookie list, which is available through the preferences menu. A button to the preferences menu is available under paragraph 10 of this cookie policy.

8. How long are cookies stored?

See also our Privacy Policy to see how long we store certain personal data obtained through cookies.

9. Do I have to give permission?

We will inform you as fully as possible about the purposes for which cookies are stored on your device, and exactly which ones. We place all functional and analytical cookies as soon as you use InmoLink. 

10. How do you withdraw your permission for cookies?

If you do not want us, or other websites, to place cookies on your device at all, you can adjust your browser settings so that you receive a warning before a cookie is placed or so that you can refuse the placing of cookies altogether. You can also use your browser to delete cookies that have already been placed. Please note that you must adjust the settings separately for each browser and each device that you use.

To adjust your settings differs per browser. If necessary, consult the help function of your browser or click one of the icons below to go directly to the manual of your browser.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera

With regard to the advertising networks and techniques with which InmoLink works and which, like InmoLink, are responsible for the personal data obtained with these, you can find more information here about the processing of personal data by these parties and adjust your preferences for this:


Incidentally, you can disable cookies from specific parties via

11. To conclude

We will have to adapt this cookie policy from time to time, for example, because new functionalities are added to the InmoLink platform, because we are going to collaborate with new InmoLink partners or because a change takes place in the legislation concerning cookies. We may change the content of the policy and the cookies included in the lists at all times - and without prior notice. If necessary, you will be asked for your permission again. You can consult this page for the most recent version.

We would like to be and remain as complete and transparent as possible regarding the use of cookies. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us via

This cookie policy has been updated on 20 December 2021.